• Interview with : Jamie Alderton

    A lot of my motivation comes intrinsically and I am a very self motivated person! I learnt very early on if you want anything in this world you have to work your ass off for it!

  • Interview with : Jeremy Buendia

    I started competing when I was 17 years old. I finished up my varsity year of football and had some injuries that prevented me from playing at the college level. I took on bodybuilding and have been in love with it ever since.

  • Interview with : Jessica Carvalho

    I always had a passion for sport (bodybuilding) from an early age. I started take my training more seriously and to the next level around the age of 18 where I research more into it ever since doing so I haven't look back and I love it.

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  • Genetic Trainability: Your Genes Influence Your Workout Results

    The big problem with statements like “hard work beats talent,” as us professional fitness trainers and sports coaches often say, is that it always assumes that “hard work” is the answer. However, the undeniable reality is:

  • What’s so great about CrossFit?

    CrossFit is a program developed to offer a full-body workout that combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and more to prepare the body for the unexpected. This high-intensity workout is extremely varied and all about

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  • Chicken Burger

    Lightly sprinkle the seasonal all and the black pepper onto the chicken breast, ensure that the chicken is fully marinated by thoroughly rubbing the seasoning into the chicken. Once completed place the....

  • Protein French Toast

    Whisk together egg whites, protein powder and almond milk after having doing so soak the bread in the mixture. Begin to heat the frying pan, melt third of coconut oil until....

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